La Crema Estate at Saralee’s Vineyard

The multi-level tasting room at La Crema Estate is a unique destination in the Russian River Valley. The historic 1880s barn is a stunning setting for a world-class winery. Visitors can learn about the wines by tasting them. Interactive guest experiences are also available to engage guests. The winery offers a unique environment that encourages learning and interaction. The La Crema Estate is a great destination for a date or a day out with the family. You can visit the vineyard at 3575 Slusser Rd, Windsor, CA 95492.

The property is part of the Jackson Family Wines brand. It acquired the 200-acre estate from the Kunde family, who had owned it for generations. Although the Kundes had deep agricultural roots in the region, Richard and Saralee bought the property in 1988 and planted the vineyard. Initially, the winery focused on Sonoma County grapes, but it has since expanded to include Monterey and Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

In 2012, La Crema purchased the 200-acre property from the Kunde family. The Kundes had been dairy ranchers in Two Rock and had a history of farming in the area. Richard Kunde, who joined the family in 1998, began planting flowering plants along Slusser Road. He proposed to Saralee in the Butchart Gardens and neighbors asked for cuttings. The couple continued to grow these plants and made their wine from them. Learn More

The La Crema family acquired the property in 2008 and started a three-year rehabilitation project. The vineyard was planted in 1989. The tasting room is located in the old barn, which now serves as the winery’s tasting room. It features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, as well as a spacious wrap-around outdoor seating. During the day, guests can enjoy the views of the rolling hills and the nearby pond.

The La Crema Winery Estate is an agricultural venue that hosts community events. The property has a long history of hosting agricultural events. In the 1990s, the vineyard hosted several major agricultural shows, raising millions of dollars for local causes. The vineyard was planted in the early 1990s, and the winery was named after the owners’ deceased mother. The new facility houses the 2017 Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction.

The vineyard’s historic barn dates back to the 1800s. The winery also features a renovated winery’s tasting room, which is located in the former Kunde farm. The estate also offers a full-length restaurant and bar on site. The winery at Saralee’s Vineyard serves dinner in the beautiful surroundings of the barn and its grounds. The newest tasting room features floor-to-ceiling glass and spacious wrap-around outdoor seating. The view of rolling hills and a pond is a perfect backdrop to the experience. Click here for more Article