“Hansen’s gave me peace of mind during the move from our home of 25 years. We began with PODS but it soon proved to be way too expensive as well as overwhelming. The POD itself was about $1800. We hired a local moving company with a catchy name to load it. They called the morning of the loading to say they’d be late. When they arrived, one of the two workers smelled like stale alcohol. Hiring a moving company via the PODS website to pack and load the POD was going to cost the same. The original suggestion of 3 PODS containing all of our household contents was quickly becoming obvious to be not enough. At nearly $4000 per POD, we opted to have Hansen’s pack and move us, even to another state.
As soon as I met with Greg, I felt calm and relaxed, so much so that I was able to work on a blanket I’m knitting. It was such a relief to work with people well versed in moving, including moving a safe from our garage. They were able to schedule within our time frame and our needs. It was way cheaper to have REAL professionals handling the job. They were respectful of our belongings as well as us! Watching them work was like watching a choreographed ballet.
They went above and beyond the call of duty by delivering a check for me to someone back home doing work on my house. My only regret was that we didn’t hire them from the start.”
-Pamela G

“I have used several other movers, but none that moved as efficiently and with as much care as Hansen’s. Greg and his team (Bob) were great and we even used them two weeks later for a short haul. They moved a large piece in 5 minutes that took some other movers over an hour to move!
They are “on time” and great communicators for any possible changes. Can’t recommend them enough!”
-Elizabeth, Berkeley, CA

“Can’t say enough nice things about Greg and his team at Hansen’s Moving and Storage. He handled my move from Marin County to SoCal and even though I chose a weekend that featured some of the worst weather seen here in years, my move went off without a hitch. He gave me a clear estimate and charged me exactly the same He had lots of good advice about moving and was prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with I hope I dont have to move again soon but whenever I do, Hansen’s will be my first choice.”
-Christine C.

“We have used Hansens twice to move in Sonoma county over the past 5 years — they are so good its hard to believe. They are clearly honest people with a simple business plan — — they provide excellent customer service and they do what they say they are going to do. Its so simple really. Greg is super friendly and his team are all just clearly good people. I don’t have a second thought about leaving the house while they are packing like I might with some (most?) moving companies. While the act of moving may not be the most pleasant thing generally ….. Hansens has made our last two moves so painless and smooth its starting to change my tune about moving being too difficult. it doesn’t have to be.”
-Nathan, Santa Rosa

“Great company. I used them to move everything in the house so I ended up spending a lot of time with them. Moves can be stressful (I read somewhere it can be as stressful as major life events like divorce, etc.) However, Hansen’s was awesome and made it a smooth less stressful process. From my first call I really liked that I was dealing with people from my community that were very attentive and helpful. Greg was professional and great from the first meeting on and I always felt like I was in good hands. I have done plenty of research and heard horror stories about people being scammed by licensed movers, let alone people on craigslist. It was nice to not have to worry about anything. I am happy to recommend Hansen’s Moving.”
-Matt S.

“We debated about whether or not to hire a professional mover for our 100-mile move……and now that it is done I am SO glad we chose to not only hire movers, but Hansen’s moving in particular. Not only were they affordable, but they arrived during the estimated 1 hour time we were given, and Bob and Andres worked so quickly and efficiently it was amazing! They were also very polite and respectful. I had to ask Andres to move the dresser out of our baby’s room (I was putting her down for a nap) and he immediately did that for me, when I thought he’d finish what he was working on first. They navigated the furniture through the stairs & turns at our house and the apartment very well, and got the couch through a doorway we feared may be impossible to get through.

I only wish we hadn’t moved out of the area so that we could use them again when we move next year. I can’t recommend them enough!”
-Brook R.

“My landlord gave me 30 days notice to move out of my office but my family’s vacation was 3 weeks away. Hansen’s saved my family vacation and my sanity! I was unable to locate a new office to move into until about 10 days before we were to leave on vacation. Hansen’s was able to squeeze me into their schedule. I am a chiropractor and have some awkward, heavy, and expensive pieces of equipment. I managed my last move with a rented truck and a couple of helpers. The move was only a half-mile away, but this time there were stairs, more equipment, and a time crunch to deal with. Hansen’s movers show up on time and got right to work. They worked quickly and efficiently and managed to move my entire office without damaging anything. With their help I was able to get moved on Wednesday, organize on Thursday, and leave on vacation on Friday. I have no idea how I would have saved my family vacation without them. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided.”
-Casey T, Santa Rosa

“Awesome, very nice, careful and totally professional. Saved me from an unethical competitor and handled the move quickly and easily. Don’t call around….go straight to Hansens.”
-Mike M, Sebastopol