Howarth Park

The 152-acre Howarth Park in Windsor, CA, is a community gathering place and a fun place for families. It is located at 630 Summerfield Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. The park is a great spot for children to run and play, and it also offers a small train. This beautiful location is ideal for kids to play and frolic, and it also features a small playground, a pond, and other attractions. It is the perfect place to spend the day with your family and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Get More Artciles

For those who are looking for a great place for kids to play tennis, Howarth Park in Windsor is a fantastic choice. This community park is open to all and has two striped tennis courts with lights that are accessible to the public. There are also Sunday drop-ins organized for those who are new to tennis. You can also play basketball at the Callinan Sports and Fitness Center, located at 5480 Snyder Lane in Rohnert, CA.

If you are looking for a place for kids to play tennis, Hiram Lewis Park is the perfect place for you. This park in Windsor, CA features two striped tennis courts with lights and is open to the public. The courts are first come, first serve, and the park also hosts regular Sunday drop-ins on weekends. For those who enjoy playing basketball, the Callinan Sports and Fitness Center is an indoor playground and has three striped courts.

The two striped tennis courts in Howarth Park are available to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis. This park is open to everyone, and you can play for free on Sundays. The tennis courts are open to all levels of tennis players. The park is a great spot for outdoor activities. Those who don’t play tennis can play basketball at Hiram Lewis Park. The park also has a callinan sports and fitness center, which has a large pool, volleyball courts, and indoor games.

If you love to play tennis, Howarth Park is an excellent place to play. The 152-acre park features a beautiful lake and a multitude of play structures, including a rope pyramid, carousel, and pony rides. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced player or just an amateur, you’re sure to have a good time at Howarth Park. Once you find the perfect spot for tennis, enjoy the view of the 152-acre park. It is a beautiful spot to enjoy with your family.

Howarth Park is a 152-acre community park in Santa Rosa, CA. It is a popular place for families and has been attracting visitors since the 1950s. Located at 5480 Snyder Lane, Howarth is a great place for children and adults to play tennis. The Callinan Sports and Fitness Center in Rohnert-Park has a striped basketball court and is open to everyone. If you want to play tennis indoors, you can use the Callinan Sports and Fitness Center, which offers two striped courts for the public to use. Browse around this site